Let’s Go Pro.

If there’s a place where people are as passionate about basketball and as loyal to their teams as fans are in Kentucky, then the NBA would have a tough choice to make. But there’s not, so this is a no-brainer.

Something cards fans and cats fans can all agree on.

There’s a reason UofL and UK are among the top five most profitable college basketball programs in the nation. It’s because they have two of the most fanatical fan bases in existence. With an NBA team to root for, they’d become one super fan base.

Meet The Advance Team.

With an experienced board, corporate support, and a slew of ambassadors at our back, we’re well positioned to not only bring the NBA to Louisville, but to ensure its success by packing the stands with hardcore fans.

Let’s Do This.

Join our Ambassador Club and help us fulfill Kentucky’s NBA destiny while you enjoy an array of valuable perks.